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Delightful treats and delicious snacks are going to fill your mouth with a mouth-watering experience that will be remembered for good.

Experience of four generations

Welcome To //

Welcome to Annie’s Naturally Bakery, a small-town, family-owned wholesale and retail bakery located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.


Come ahead and taste the bread as it signifies the kind of approach that we put into our service and the layer of importance that goes into the same.


Since cookies are known to be the way to an individual’s heart, you need to get a load of them and move ahead to impress the love of your life.


If cookies are not your thing, you can always settle things down with pastries because they do the trick for good and bring forward the things that you need the most.


A Fresh Online Store //

Yes, you heard that right. A fresh online store that is ready to serve you with delicious treats is the apt description that can be used to talk about us. So come forward and experience all that we have to offer to keep you happy and get things going ahead in the right direction.

Make a Reservation

Make your reservations now and look towards enjoying an experience that is going to keep you in the best of spirits. So what are you waiting for? Step forward and order right now.


Any Day,Any Time //

Ordering from us is more or less like an effortless experience that gets completed within a matter of time. So you need to come forward and understand all that we have to offer.

Celebration Cakes

Mark your day in style with celebration cakes and other delightful aspects as they come on board to help you remember the days that need to be remembered.

Wedding Cakes

Your big day deserves a complete cake that sets the tone for the wedding and brings about a difference in the right manner. By doing so, things are bound to venture off into a path of desire.

Special Events

Special events need something special and unique. Due to that, you need to come forward and understand what we have to offer because it will blow your mind.


Lunch Menu

Soups & Snacks

Get a load of deliciousness in your mouth with soups and snacks that help you start your day in style by taking things to head in the right direction. 

Freshly Baked Organic Breads

Fresh breads tend to hit a different note altogether, and they come on board with all that you need. So adding organic baked breeds to the mix is sure to turn things up a little and set your plate on fire.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Complete the list with gourmet sandwiches that are all equipped to provide you with the required set of necessities known to serve you with a wholesome plate of sandwich. 


Happy Customers

Learn more about our services by hearing from people who have experienced the same to a considerable extent and figuring out how we made their day. So what are you waiting for? Sarah and Nick have a lot to talk about.

Sarah B Burkhalter

“Ordering from Annies Naturally Bakery was the right thing to do because they have a lot of options to choose from and tend to provide the right form of customer service. Plus they make a great gift for our Beaverton junk removal clients.”

Nick S Avery

“It is always a good time to come back and experience their services as they provide a complete list of requirements that stand close to all that I have ever wanted from a bakery.”


News & Events

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Wedding Cake Bakers

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Beautiful Cakes For Every Occassion!

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